Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Life Lessons: From the School of Motherhood

A new little project I'm going to be launching on Wednesdays, chewing over the wisdom of mothers who have gone before.

I don't know about you, but becoming a mother was one of, and continues to be, the steepest learning curve of my life.

I muddle through most days, getting beautiful glimmers of satisfaction where I truly think there is nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing. But there are also those moments where you feel like a failure,where it all gets a bit overwhelming, and where you truly fear that you might be ruining your own child...

Anyone else ever felt like that?!

So I had this idea that it would be good to grab some sage advice, top tips and life lessons from wise women (and some men) past and present...

So here's a little kick starter...


I'm realising that I'm not the only one who often feels like I can't get this parenting thing right... I'm pretty sure I've never met a mother who said; "Oh? Your struggling with parenting? Come round for a coffee and I'll tell you how to sort it all out..." It seems instead the vast majority of us are brutally aware of our own flaws as mothers.

It's all growing, and learning, and relying on daily grace, right??

It's allowing your child to see you make mistakes, and modelling repentance and forgiveness.

It's being big enough to admit your faults to your child as well.

The other night, Ava was talking about times when she doesn't think she's honouring God...

"Like when I push Heidi..." She said seriously, "and for you, it's when you shout"

My three year old had called me on my temper. Ouch.

And it's in those moments when you really do feel like your screwing it all up. And you're about to start mentally destroying yourself when your three-year-old finishes her sentence...

"But God can forgive anything Mama"


Praise God for grace!

We do screw it up sometimes, but you know what? There is forgiveness and grace and strength for every day if we'll only ask for it!

So what do you think, folks? Do you sometimes feel you're screwing up as a mother? How do you handle those feelings of failure? How do you try and savour the incredibly satisfying moments?

Comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I feel like I am a messing up as a parent all the time, and had a conversation yesterday with my hubs about how I can;t believe we are going to do it all again, when I feel like I get it wrong so much of the time! Thankfully hubs was quick to point out that we are all doing our best and we could all be doing a LOT worse. I like to think that the fact that we worry about doing it "right" shows how much we care, and as long as we care and worry, we can't be going too "wrong." We have to forgive ourselves a bit too I think as nobody is perfect. xx

  2. In that case...mine are going to rule the world!

  3. Oh, this is me! It's hard sometimes to see past the failures, and the shouting, and to appreciate the moments where I get it right x

  4. I think we all feel like we're screwing up on a daily basis! But I also think that it's important for children to see that adults don't always get it right, and to see how we deal with that, rather than just think we're totally perfect all the time. And if all else fails I just remind myself that I don't remember the minutiae of my life as a four year old so I've got a good chance of starting all over again tomorrow!


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