Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ava Says: September/October

Life with a three year old is proving to be no less interesting, funny and downright challenging than life with a 2-year-old. And the quirky little phrases and funny little comments don't seem to be showing any sign of letting up soon. Dave and I still have those moments where we glance at each other and attempt to hold it together!

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the quirky little phrases Ava has come out with over the past couple of months. Although she better watch out! Her little sister is coming out with some pretty funny stuff herself these days!

But that's for another blog post!

"Mama! Mama!"
"Yes Ava?"
"I'm not talking to you! It's my babies... talking to me!"

"Wowwwwwww! Mama! Papa! The moon can fly!"

Ava in floods of tears because Mama had just stood on a snail and squished it by accident...
"But I want it to live again Mama!"

Quite distressed at the sighting of a 3/4 moon...
"Oh no Mama! The moon is broken! A bit of it's fallen off!!!"

"Hello my little Heidi! Did you have a nice sleep my treasure?"

On a toy phone to her best friend Sophie...
"Soph! I love you so much that I got you a present for your babies... OR a wheelchair for your cats!"
Me looking on extremely bemused!

"I like hot water... for ever and eternity"

Playing quietly behind me, when suddenly, in a deep, booming voice, she announces...
"Today I'm in darkness!!!"

Right then...

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Haha that is hilarious!! I love how you get a window into their brilliant little minds making sense of the world through what they say. Looking forward to reading what Heidi says...
    PS: Do you translate these or is she speaking more English now that she's in nursery?

  2. Lauren getting a present from Santa at a party one year came out and said.... That was a miracle... Wish I had written more of them down x

  3. How wonderful that you are writing her funny way of saying and thinking. Sigmar loves the way she was thinking about the moon. Enjoy the day! x

  4. Oh bless her, she's brilliant - I love the "today I'm in darkness!"


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