Friday, 7 November 2014

Little Loves...

This week has been all about readjusting. Back to normality after our news last week. Back to routine after half term... back to life. But despite the adjustments; the plateauing after the rollercoaster of last week - it has been a lovely little one. Busy, but lovely.

So here's what we've been up to!

I finished reading "Sisters of the East End" and after a slow start, quite enjoyed it in the end. This week, I've started reading "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak which I am loving. It's SO stylistically different to any book I've read before, and it took me a couple of pages to click into the layout, but I am loving it, and excited to carry on, given that I miraculously have managed to avoid finding out what happens (I know there's a film... I'm sure I'll be watching that afterwards!) So no-one ruin it for me in the comments!!! :-)

We have been loving ITVs "The Great Fire"... I've heard a number of criticisms - not totally historically accurate, bad acting (??)... but we are loving it! And I'm not ashamed to admit it! Last night was the last episode and we will miss having a Thursday night drama to settle in to!

Oh! Every variation under the sun. Last Friday I was at the beach with my jumper and my jeans rolled up and two little bare-legged girls. Today, I braved the cold with gloves, thick winter scarf and even considered the wooly hat! What is going on with this weather?!

I was driving home in the car yesterday and this song started playing... I love a bit of country and western and it just totally summed up where I'm at right now. I was pretty emotional over the weekend after our difficult week last week, but I have been left just feeling pretty thankful really and appreciating a thousand little things.

Ava and I had a productive afternoon yesterday and had fun preparing for our family bonfire night feast! We made little "sparklers" as table decorations. Dead easy and really cute!

And lastly... this week has been a tough one for our big girl. We've gone from lazy half term to full blown term-time program and she's struggled a little to keep up. And I have too, to be honest. We're both in need of some down time, and so I'm pretty determined that this next week's going to involve a lot of quiet afternoons - board games, puzzles and playdough... and perhaps the odd blanket tent or two.

Sometimes peace and quiet is just what the Doctor orders.



  1. It sounds like you definitely had the best of the weather in Cornwall - but I agree it's been a bit of a shock to the system to wondering whether I should be wearing sandals to fishing out the wooly hats and waterproofs!

  2. I love your bonfire night sparklers! So sweet! Oh Claire, I hope you are feeling a little brighter now. It must be such a difficult time for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as always xx

  3. Your posts are always so uplifting Claire. Sounds like a very positive week despite the not so great news last week. Not read The Book Thief *adds it to the list*. x

  4. Oh I love your little table sparklers - they are so cute! It is obvious that you are considerably further south than I am, because I don't think there was any point last week I would have braved the beach without my wellies and knitted hat! Hope you find a quieter pace of life this week. #littleloves

  5. I love The Book Thief, I read it about five years ago and thought it was a beautiful story. I'm excited for the film, but I know it won't be as good. Can't believe we can get on the beach at this time of year! Amazing x

  6. Table sparklers are so cute! And I'm loving the blackboard too - must get me one of those! :-) Nice to get on the beach last week - wow! I've read The Book Thief too but I can't really remember it - that's bad isn't it? I think I've got to that stage of motherhood where, for something new to enter my head something else has to drop out!! #littleloves

  7. I'm reading the Book Thief too, but struggling to find the time to pick it up and really spend a decent about of time reading it. I don't think it's a great book for constantly picking up and putting down.
    I've just caught up on your previous post about your daughter and my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know that your words will speak to a lot of people and your faith is so inspiring through the good and the bad - that in itself speaks volumes xxxx


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