Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stopped in my tracks... Savouring the Season

This is the week I always stop dead in my tracks with Savouring the Season. Firework Night has been and gone, winter is well and truly setting in, but advent and Christmas are still out of reach. In reality, I started my Christmas shopping this week, in my head, plans are afoot for the return of the Kindness Elves, and I'm up to my eyeballs with planning a number of different Christmas events I'm helping out with.

And when life's like this, home becomes a little haven. Busy mornings followed by quiet afternoons with the children become time to just soak each others company up, play board games, read books, repeat puzzles over and over again, lick the cake mix spoon, trudge the school run backwards and forwards in wellies through wet leaves, and wake bleary eyed children from naps who seem to go into hibernation and would sleep right up to bedtime if you'd let them.

And I feel a little guilty that we're not really "savouring" this season.

Until I realise that actually, that's exactly what we're doing. Cosying up in our little house, protected from the wind and the rain outside is exactly what dark November days are all about. 

Making memories doing the stuff of life.


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  1. Thanks for hosting again this week

  2. So true! I think part of what this season is about is getting warm inside the house! Eating our comfort food and enjoying cuddles with out love one =)

  3. thanks for the link up, I'm in with Remembrance Sunday this week

  4. I think November can definitely be about a little down time to get ready for the big celebrations ahead - time just to enjoy a little rhythm in our days - or find it in my case!

  5. I love this about Autumn and Winter, just the feeling of being cosy at home. I always want to update and do things to make our home cosier- theres nothing better than snuggling at home indoors when it's raining and horrible outside. x


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