Monday, 17 November 2014

Taking stock...

I'm feeling a little tired these days... perhaps its the dark nights closing in, perhaps its the routine of the school run finally hitting home (and realising I'm going to be doing it for the next few years without fail), perhaps its the busy weekend behind me (which included my sister-in-law's baby shower and I FORGOT MY CAMERA... still kicking myself!), perhaps its just this season - the approach of Christmas, events to organise, busyness and an ever growing to-do list. I thrive on it at times, and other times it all just feels a little overwhelming.

So this morning, as I roll out of bed, dress two little people and pack one off to school, thank God for my husband who blitzed the house yesterday so I don't have to today (honestly... that man's amazing), spend the morning looking after my littlest and a friend's little boy and preparing for a lunch with some lovely friends, I'm thanking God for a quieter day (or at least afternoon!), and I'm taking stock.

What a joy it is to be busy, to be active, to be able to be involved in all these different projects and activities. I may wish some days I could just curl up in a corner with a good book. But one day, I know, if I make it to old age, I'll be sitting in a corner with a good book because that's all I can do (if my eyesight hasn't failed me) and looking back on these days of (at times) manic busyness with rose-tinted glasses and wish I could still have my finger in any pie, never mind six at once.

But I am realising I need to be a little bit wise too... and so I'm soaking up the words of one of my old favourites... I'm reading "Shopping for Time" again... possibly for the fourth time. But I need that reminder often...

Our lives are never static or stationary. New seasons keep rolling in - each with its own unique joys and challenges. In fact, just about the time we adjust to our present season, it's time to make way for a new one! And while we must walk with open eyes and make wise choices in each season, our comfort is this - God orders the seasons of our lives. Even the most difficult ones.
- Shopping for Time - Mahaney, Whitacre, Chesemore and Bradshaw -

Once in a while, its good to score out a quiet afternoon and make some time to take stock. Give time to think, plan, organise and give it all to the one who holds all our times in his hands...


  1. Oh this was very apt for me today - I'm trying to whizz around and blitz the house after a busy weekend with family and at the same time spend time with Pip and look after Elma who's home from nursery with a nasty cold and feeling very tired myself. But as you say, the season of curling up with a book will come all too soon and then we'll miss the intensity of the infant years!! Grass is always greener?!

  2. I read this first thing this morning Claire and it really made me think all day. You're so right. As if parenting wasn't enough, we throw all these other things into the mix of an already busy schedule and before we know it, life has spun out of control again. This happens to me time and time again. I've been talking to myself along similar lines lately too. It's lovely to be busy but we must also be wise. I've not read this book before, will look into it. x

  3. A really great post Claire- I for one get a bit reflective and funny this time of the year- I think it is partly the weather, partly the festive season, but I just get a little bit emotional and I don't know why. We had a lazy day today and I spent the whole time just staring at my girls. It was nice to slow down as we never normally have pjs and like you say life is so hectic and busy. x


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