Friday, 19 December 2014

Advent Day 19: Pyjamas, Puke and Holiday Plans

This morning I was woken up by two little faces... One little face woke up a little closer than expected. Heidi had ended up in our bed overnight (doesn't happen very often I hasten to add... But sometimes its nicer to have a snuggly one next to you than be pacing the icey cold floor for an hour at 3am!)

We trundled downstairs in our pyjamas for a nice lazy morning and some breakfast... The first day of our Christmas holidays!

Of course, all my plans for our highly organised and well-structured day were totally thrown when Ava, half way through her breakfast, suddenly threw up over everything.

First day of the holidays and I'm on nurse duty...

Why does that happen? Every year?

And so we had a lazy morning, watching Christmas movies, playing "Playdough birthdays" (check out my Instagram feed for Heidi's rendition! @Clarina1985) and rearranging the decorations on the tree (Heidi!) and it got me thinking about some of the things I'd like to do with the girlies this Christmas...

And so here you have it... Our Christmas holiday bucket list!

What's on yours?!

* Drink Hot chocolate and marshmallows
* Build our gingerbread house
* Reenact the nativity with our Fimo characters
* Watch Christmas movies with a duvet and popcorn
* A family trip to the theatre (thanks Mum and Dad)
* Dance round the room to Christmas classics
* Boxing Day family reunion
* Read the Christmas story beginning to end
* Go on wrapped up walks on ice-cold mornings
* Give out Christmas cards
* Sing in the church choir
* Catch up with friends and family
* Build blanket forts
* Make and write thank you cards
* Have an indoor picnic
* Make homemade soup
* Do some dot art
* Play board games
* Make chocolate fondue

Just for the record... Ava was absolutely fine after her one episode... We await the next 24 hours with trepidation to see if anyone else has succumbed!


  1. Love the honesty about having wee one snuggling next to you oppose to pacing up for an hour at 3am. Enjoy your holidays and merry christmas. X

  2. The old Christmas Bug!


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