Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advent Day 9: Preschoolers Advent Resources... and a little giveaway!

One of the perks of writing a blog, is that occasionally you get given stuff to review.

And the best type of stuff to review is fun, practical, accessible and Christ-centred in our book.

Which is why we were really excited to get our little goodie-bag from The Good Book Company for Advent!

And best of all, we've got a little something to give away to you too!

So here are some of the fabulous Advent resources that the Good Book Company have put together for families with preschool children this year, to help them prepare their children's hearts and minds for what Christmas is really all about...

Beginning with God at Christmas by Jo Boddam-Whetham and Alison Mitchell
Currently £2.99 from the Good Book Company
8 stories with activities and stickers which help children prepare for Christmas to be used alongside the Beginners Bible. We haven't started using this one yet, as our intention is to use it in the week immediately preceding Christmas as an extra special little devotional for the girls to do everyday, but we regularly use the Beginning with God Bible notes and find they are an excellent and accessible tool for little people. We highly recommend checking this out!


The Christmas Promise by Alison Mitchell
Currently £5.94 from the Good Book Company
This is a cute retelling of the Nativity Story, pointing out how all through the Bible, this baby King that arrives has been promised... beautifully illustrated, our girls are really enjoying this one!

The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar
Currently £3.49 from the Good Book Company
Probably a bit late for this one this year, but definitely worth noting down for next year. The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar can be used to accompany the story above, or independently, and each day, the children peel off a numbered sticker to add to the stand alone scene. You can read out a little bit of the story every day, so small children begin to really grasp not only the story, but the significance behind what was happening that night.


And then there's this little book, which is totally non-Christmas related, but would make a great little pressie for a pre-school child... and which very excitingly, I am giving away a FREE copy of today!

Alby's Amazing Book
Currently £5.94 from the Good Book Company
This is a gorgeous little hardback book about a little squirrel called Alby who loves to read. But his favourite book is the Bible - a book full of adventures with giants and rescues and outer space. And then you find out that there's an extra special reason why this is Alby's favourite book...

If you would like to win a free copy of Alby's Amazing Book, all you have to leave below is a comment with your name (so I know who to announce!) and check back tomorrow morning!! If the winner doesn't claim their prize by Thursday, a new winner will be picked out (the winner wants to get their copy before Christmas after all!)

Seriously, there are some great resources here which are utterly fabulous for getting little hearts ready for Christmas. There are so many wonderful resources for children out there... but preschoolers require some extra special work to make Christmas have real significance. The guys at The Good Book are working hard to make that happen.

They have an absolute tonne of fabulous adult resources too... why not go check them out?!


  1. My little boy Zach would love that book! I would like a new book to read at storytime too! Krystle x

  2. This would be perfect for Esther and William x I love the Christmas ones too x Off to shop x Thank you x

  3. Oh that looks fantastic, Kitty would just love it! - we've got The Beginners Bible and I'm very tempted to get the girls something that has matching stickers!

  4. These b beautiful books-the boys and I would enjoy reading and learning. xxxx

  5. What lovely books. Fingers crossed

  6. Ooh I'm in! That looks great. Hadn't heard of the Good Book Company yet.

  7. I've had my eye on that book..! Looks lovely!

  8. Beth G
    Im sure Tabs would love a book about a squirrel reading the Bible!

  9. These books would be great for my nephew!


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