Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Day Two: Easy Make Cinnamon Stick Decorations...

There's something lovely about the scent of Christmas, isn't there? There is just something incredible that takes you right back to that childhood excitement when you walk into a room full of the aroma of Christmas - that real Christmas tree smell, the scent of cloves in orange pomanders - cranberry and cinnamon!

And so I thought today I throw you in a little "How-to" on one of the quickest and easiest Christmas crafts you've ever done!

Cinnamon sticks are easy to get hold of, easy to work with and smell INCREDIBLE...

Time taken: About 5 minutes...

You Need:
A pack of cinnamon sticks (either from your Supermarket or craft shop)
Some thin Christmassy ribbon
A  dab of liquid glue
Some string (optional)

Step One:
Gather three cinammon sticks together and lay two on the bottom, and one centrally on the top. Dab a bit of glue on the inside (so it remains unseen) to secure the sticks. The ribbon should hold them together, but better to be safe than sorry!

Step Two: 
Wrap a bit of ribbon tight around your three cinnamon sticks and tie tightly in a knot. Once you are sure it is tight and secure, tie the remaining ribbon into a bow on the top. You can then either attach a piece of string to make a lovely, scented Christmas tree decoration, or you can simply pile them up - perhaps amongst some dried oranges, apples or star of anise, to create your own gorgeous Christmas pot pourri.

DEAD easy. Seriously!

Who's giving it a go?!

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