Monday 23 March 2015

Funny Phrases and Silly Sayings...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that kids say the funniest things... they do. They say what they think, they have no concept of what is socially acceptable or politically correct. They will say the very thing that pops into their head and those of us listening get a rare insight into the mind of a toddler/preschooler.

And with two little ladies now fully fluent in three languages, we certainly get our fair share of funny phrases and silly sayings...
 Heidi while humming a tune to herself... "Lovely singing, Heidi!"

"Goodness MEEEE.... I'm a little rascal!" (Heidi!)

Ava, while helping Heidi out of her cot... "I find that I am just the best little helper in the world, don't you think so Schnucki?"

...and sometimes, just downright cute!

"OH! THANKyou Ava my best friend"

These little sayings keep us chuckling away to ourselves anyway... though it looks like both girls could do with a healthy dose of humility!!

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  1. I love how they copy what they hear others saying to them. So cute! xx

  2. Love their self confidence x

  3. Haha those are so cute Claire- I love how confident they are! Mads always says things like I am the best helper- bless them! x

  4. So sweet! And you are right, kids just say the best things: at the moment we have a lot of Eli talking in the third person, no idea where that has come from :)

    Love the new look blog too by the way!

  5. Oh I love them but it's Heidi who cracks me up - Elma goes around telling everyone she's awesome so perhaps it's just a phase, or perhaps it will turn into a lovely self confidence :)


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