Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happy Birthday Mama...

Happy birthday Mama...

Thank you for being the most fabulous Mum a girl could ask for.

You are my role-model, my agony-aunt, my best girl-friend.

With my sister and my Mum at my Hen Do in 2008
 There is no mother I have sought to emulate more than you.

You taught me how to look after babies, how to encourage them, share with them, open up little hearts and minds. How to teach and discipline. And I'm still learning from you. I think I always will be.
Mum with Ava (left) and Heidi (right)
You have taught me not just to love my babies, but also how to love motherhood. Even the mundane bits. Even the pull-your-hair-out moments. Even the tears and the frustration and the heartaches.

I feel so honoured and grateful for the gift you have been to me.

Ava with her beloved Nanny

And I know the key to your motherhood is leaning on your heavenly Father... 

Recognising his daily graces, praying constantly for your children, pointing us to Jesus in all those late night conversations.

I know you aren't perfect... and you wouldn't want me to paint you so...

But I just wanted you to know, I wouldn't want anyone else in the world to be my Mum.

Happy birthday Mama! Have a wonderful day!



  1. Lovely words Claire. Your Mum is a blessing to many. Happy Birthday Anna! xx

  2. Great blog about a lovely lady, who has been a blessing to me. Happy birthday Anna xx

  3. Ah that's lovely Claire. Happy Birthday to your mama. Love the pic too :) x

  4. Thank you Claire, I really do not deserve this but I have been very blessed in having the best family and many wonderful friends. God who is my rock has been very kind to me x

  5. Haves great day Anna

  6. This is so lovely Claire! Happy birthday aunty Anna!!xx

  7. Aw this is lovely Claire- Happy Birthday to your Mummy! She looks and sounds beautiful. x


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