Saturday, 28 March 2015

We're off to Wales...

... with 50 others from church, where we'll join a couple of thousand others! We're excited to learn lots, have tonnes of fun and soak in the beautiful welsh coast (as long as we're not washed out by the promised hideous weather!)

This is our 12th consecutive "Word Alive" and I'm no less enthusiastic than I was as an 18-year-old first year at university. This week leaves me feeling refreshed every year. It's where I've had some of my most broken moments, asked some of the biggest questions in my faith, its where I've had those deep in the night meaningful conversations, its where Dave and my romance began, its where we served on youth team for five years before bringing our own little people.

You can read why I can't wait for Word Alive every year here.

It is a precious week in our yearly calendar. And I'm so excited to be heading back there today!

My 21 year old self at Word Alive  back in 2007...


  1. Have an amazing time, we were hoping to go but we're unsure of job situations...Still not been but so keen to be there next year. Hope you come home refreshed and challenged :) xx

  2. Oh that sounds like fun - I hope you're having a wonderful time!! And I love the blog redesign, I'm hoping it's new because otherwise I've just been really unobservant!


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