Friday, 8 May 2015

Milly-Molly-Mandy, MADs and Mini-Evacuees #littleloves week 19...

Another little week has been and gone. A week of coughs and colds and sore throats, and cups of hot tea pouring over laptops (NOT good!) and yet somehow, this little week has been a good'un. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

So here's what we've been up to...

Ava and I finished "My Naughty Little Sister" and have started reading one of my childhood favourites, "Milly-Molly-Mandy"... I loved these innocent little tales of country life by Joyce Lancaster Brisley, and I'm loving it that she is loving it too. There is something in me that just wishes childhood was as innocent and uncomplicated as it was back then - errand running and blackberry picking, little one-room schools and sleeping under the stars in a field with a tent made out of a sheet... Modern town life is just not like that, but at least these gorgeous little stories feed my hunger for simpler times!


I've been told I need to get involved with a new drama "Home Fires" on Sunday nights, but in the meantime I've been catching up with series 2 of Parenthood on DVD. This sitcom follows the story of the Braverman family of four siblings and their families, and it just paints such a REAL but comedy picture of modern family life. The highs, the lows, the challenges and the joys... I just love it! If you haven't seen it, check it out!

I've been loving this song this week... So often I get so caught up in doing, and this song just reminded me this week what it's really all about. I love Shane and Shane... Chilled but funky and the lyrics... Well, they just say it all!

After our Family History Project afternoon last week, we've been gearing up for Ava's Nursery "VE Day Party" this afternoon. This morning, she will walk into school in full 1940s child costume. I had so much fun putting this outfit together. You can see how we did it here.

Doesn't she look authentic?! To say she was pleased is an understatement!

My slippers! Seriously... 36 weeks and four to go and I am starting to struggle now. Home comforts are worth their weight in gold and I picked these up in good old Tesco last week!. Bending down is an effort, climbing the stairs is an epic achievement, and a full night's sleep is hard to come by. But I'm not complaining. Of all three pregnancies this has been the easiest, and I'm on the final stretch now. Not long... Eek!

Another little lady got a little shopping spree this week too. I made the discovery last week that Heidi has more clothes than I do... Honestly, she could open a shop and has a gorgeous summer wardrobe all lined up for her already. She got a good few outfits for her birthday in March, plus she's inherit last years season from her older sister, leaving poor Ava with one pair of shorts and three t-shirts to last her this summer. My lovely Mum took us on a shopping trip and my big girl's all kitted out for the summer now too... I'm only jealous some of these outfits don't come in my size!

And lastly, its voting season! I hope you all made good on your election right yesterday and headed to your local polling station! It's voting season in Blog-land too... 

For the first time, I actually think there's a category we fit into (we've somehow made it to the "Inspiring" shortlist the past couple of years and I've always felt pretty uncomfortable in that category!) but if you like our little blog, we'd love a vote in the "Preschooler Blog" category and/or any other category you deem appropriate! It only takes a few seconds!

Click here to vote!

Anyway, those were our #littleloves this week... What were yours??


  1. Those clothes are all fab! So lovely x

  2. That little outfit is amazing! She looks like a real 1940's child! Brilliant..
    Ooh Home Fires is so good - I loved the first episode, literally can't wait for Sunday. haha!
    Have a fab weekend sweets - hopping over from #littleloves :)
    Kerry x

  3. Trust the day will be great for Ava at school!

  4. I want that jumper in my size!!! I've been curious about Parenthood so might give it a go! Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I want all those outfits in my size too. I am always thinking that about MM's wardrobe so cute. Lovely round of #littleloves darling and best of luck on the MADS. great they finally added a preschool category isn't it? #littleloves

  6. Never watched Parenthood.. May give it a go! Love buying new clothes for littles, that looks like a great haul! x

  7. So not long to go now Claire! And I love that jumper. Plus I used to love Milly Molly Mandy! xx

  8. I voted for you in Preschool!! :) All the luck in the world sweetpea! How flipping cute does Ava look in her VE Day costume. She's like a little model! And I'm totally jealous of Miss Heidi's clothes too. Why do kids have all the best stuff?! Have a great weekend Claire xx

  9. Oh I love Milly Molly Mandy! She has so much fun but never seems to need too much or have to go too far from home for it! And Ava looks wonderful as an evacuee - I hope she's having lots of fun with it!

  10. I love Milly-Molly-Mandy, I used to use the map at the front of the books to make up my own stories for her! So much great childhood literature out there :) Ava looks so sweet, what a great idea to have a preschool day on it and get kids excited about history. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  11. Loving all those clothes, lovely choices! My girls have more clothes than I have too, lucky ducks.
    Enjoy the weekend! xx

  12. Your little evacuee is just gorgeous! I love those 'old' stories... We are great Famous Five fans-real simple pleasures 😊

  13. Gorgeous pick of clothes and your little girl
    Is just adorable! You are really on the final stretch now, hope baby doesn't keep you waiting! Even though I only have a 13 day old baby I'm very jealous you get to experience the whole labour and meeting your baby for the first time - such a special moment. Hope ye have a lovely weekend xxx

  14. Milly Molly Mandy was an all-time favourite of mine too Claire. Love it. Your girlie's new clothes look gorgeous, does she like shopping? Only a few weeks to go and your feet don't look at all swollen! Well done you. x

  15. Oh I know the feeling of the overflow of little ones clothes! bonkers! I want their wardrobe! Lovely post, and I remember the 'swollen feet needing slippers feeling oh too well! ;) x

  16. I love the 1940s costume - and love the 'modern day' clothes too! : ) Going to check out Parenthood - been on the lookout for something new to watch! Hope you're having a lovely weekend x

  17. Loving the outfits. Why do kids clothes not stretch hey-they always have some fab stuff! x

  18. Ooh the final countdown is on, how exciting! Hope you are having a great weekend x

  19. I used to love the Milly Molly Mandy books as a little girl. I love Ava's outfit for nursery, it is so cute and looks perfect for the occasion, xx


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