Saturday, 25 July 2015

Seven Years...

Today, seven years ago, I married my best friend. 

Seven years later and I feel honoured to be married to a man who takes such good care of us, who provides for us, who leads our little family well and who continues to be my best friend. He levels me, balances me and grounds me.

Most of all, he encourages me to be more like Jesus. 

That's not always easy when you have three little ones tagging after you all day.

Our life is busy but full, happy and hopeful.

The last seven years have not all been easy... There have been rain-blackened skies and fear and grief in that time. But Dave has always prioritised our family, and been the strong one, though I'm sure there have been times when he has felt heavy-laden too. He has, in every time of crisis, given me wise words and a reminder to lean on the Saviour.

Dave has been my rock these past seven years, but he has been able to be that because he has pointed me to THE rock. The one who stands firm in every storm. 

"The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer" Psalm 18:2

Thank you David for loving us so well. For pointing us to Jesus. For sacrificing for us. For leading us. For making it clear every day that we are your priority.

I love you - Happy seven year anniversary. Xxx


  1. Happy Anniversary! God bless. Xx

  2. Happy Anniversary!! And many more to come 🎉

  3. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. Wishing you all the happiness you so deserve! Lots of

  4. A beautiful story and lovely picture :)

  5. Gorgeous Claire and Happy belated Anniversary! Here's to many more years with your best friend. x


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