Sunday, 15 November 2015

Siblings // November 2015

This month was a rush job, I'm not going to lie... so the pictures are a little on the grainy side, because they were taken first thing in the morning, while the light wasn't quite all there, while the children were a little bleary-eyed and still donned in their pyjamas. And I almost held off posting them, except that often when I look back, these "real" understated captures usually turn out to be my favourites...

It's been a funny old month... the slow descent of autumn into winter, and so our days since returning from our half term break in Derbyshire have been mainly occupied with home comforts - cosy afternoons at home, playdates and the odd trip out in the rain when necessary. The days feel like they are getting ever shorter. By the time we're home from the school run, and we've had a snack, and Ava's done her homework, and Jonas is down for his third nap, its time to make the dinner and the night is already closing in.

Life is still crazy busy, but somehow the onset of winter makes me feel as though time is slowing down and I feel ready for that.

Ready for a little hibernation.

And these little three have been doing a good job at keeping each other company for the most part. Yes, at times I feel all I'm doing is breaking up squabbles, or attempting to remain calm while saying, for the hundredth time, "stop smothering the baby!" but actually they are good little playmates, and increasingly Jonas is being included on the fun. He's a little more robust now... he's lost his newborn neck wobble, and he's pretty responsive to the slightest smile or chuckle, and the girls are beginning to discover he makes a nice little friend to have around.

And it was only when I was sorting through my photos after this little TV-watching shoot (its hard to capture all three of them together sitting still!) that I spotted the picture below and it made me laugh...

I love that the girls look utterly bored out of their brains, while Jonas looks like somethings tickled him!

Our little people. These little siblings of mine... they sure know how to press my buttons, but boy - do I love them!

Little siblings in November.

dear beautiful


  1. Love the last photo Claire, bless them. I have to join you in the grainy last minute photo taken. Something about this month I think!

  2. Ha ha, love the last photo in this post. Jonas looks so mischievous xxx

  3. Brilliant last photo!

  4. Oh that final shot made me chuckle!! Gorgeous pictures, Jonas does have some awesome expressions!

  5. Those photos are lovely. I've stopped trying to get the perfect shot for Siblings, instead I enjoy the ones I do get that are so full of personality and so of the moment. The last photo is priceless!


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