Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mid-Season // Savouring the Season

This week I haven't quite known where I am... sun shining, tiny heads of spring life poking through, icy mornings and blue tinged fingers. Rain showers in abundance. Wind that whistles around the house. Beaming sun rays.

This week has been eclectic, to say the least.

And this little linky is suffering for it. Because it seems when seasons are uncertain, no-one quite knows how to savour them! The instagram hash tag has been very quiet this week!

On my own part I have struggled to savour this season... it is not the crisp cool of winter, nor the excitement and early joy of spring.

Somewhere in between. Undecided. Uncertain. Changeable...

So I suppose its about savouring the moment. Watching nature in wonder and seeking to appreciate the eclectic mix of mid-season confusion that surrounds us...

Savouring each second.

Clockwise from top left... @clarina1985 // BADGE // @mumturnedmom // @memeandharri // @ninamarika_ // @capturebylucy

My favourite post this week was this gorgeous snow post from Mum turned Mom... it looks stunning! Pop over and take a look!

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  1. I'm so sorry Claire, I'm repeatedly useless at joining in and linking up. I'm struggling to get round to everything, at the moment. I'm hoping a bit of warmer weather and an extra dose of sunshine will up my energy levels and encourage my brain to start working again x

  2. I made it! Thank you for the nudge earlier, I was mid walk. Had to get outside after 8 days indoors - was going bonkers. I hope you're good :)


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