Monday, 8 February 2016

The Home Life Project // February

Another little Saturday swung around for February's "Home Life Project"... A photo project documenting everyday life, and recording those ordinary moments that you don't usually think to capture on camera... Dave and I played tag-team for most of the day (which is why he doesn't feature in any of this Saturday's photographs!) He had the children in the morning while I tutored and did my big shop (oh the excitement!) and then he headed off to a football match in the afternoon, so the littles and I spent the afternoon pottering, and playing and just doing what we do best!

We've all been a little under the weather this weekend... Nothing too major; just coughs and colds, sniffles and headaches and the poor boy has had sticky eyes, so I've gone through about three kettle fulls of cooled boiled water and have pretty much exhausted my supply of cotton wool pads and will be stocking up again today. Conjunctivitis is never a fun one, bless him... But he's so patient and easy going, you really wouldn't know, except that his little eyes are a little red and gloopy!

So here's a little insight into an average Saturday in February round our house!

07:40 - Happy Chappy! Regardless of the fact his eyes were pretty gunky when he woke up, he never ceases to provide a grin! This kid is basically always happy... And when he's not, you know somethings seriously up. Our little ray of sunshine!

08:10 - Breakfast Shennanigans...always eventful! Whether it's an upturned bowl of cereal, little girls with the giggles or Jonas showing off his dance moves, breakfast is never boring! Excuse the laundry in the background... This is real life right here... None of this staged malarkey!

08:36 - Lego Love... Is there anything better for little people than Lego? Seriously, I still maintain you can have no toys in your whole house excepting a box of Lego, and you'll have happy children for hours! The girls got this general box from my brother and sister for Christmas... It's been one of the best gifts ever... No instructions, no kit... Just a whole tonne of bricks and a bit of imagination!

12:27 - Cookie Monster - lunch at my parents is always a hit... Especially if Nanny's freshly baked oat and raisin cookies are on the menu!

14:33 - Bake Day - the boy is napping and the girls are having their "quiet time" which, let's be honest, is not always exactly "quiet" when they're having it together! Time for me to rustle up some chocolate brownies ready for Sunday pudding! (Can't ever go wrong with brownies and ice cream, can you?!)

15:00 - Weekly Planning - the childrens quiet time is coming to an end, but not before I've had a bit of time to look over the diary for the week and figure out the logistics. Who needs to be where at what time, meal planning and generally just getting my head around how everything will pan out. It's also a chance to brain dump everything I'm holding in my head on my master to-do list... Then I can figure out how to work through it throughout the week. People often ask how I cope with 3 under 5 and I think this is a bit of the answer... Trying to keep on top of organisation, teamed up with a lot of relying on God!

17:12 - Our Little Man - sitting and pretty stable now, but I'm not ready to withdraw those cushions just yet! He needs them in case one of his sisters decide to bundle him! Oh, for a peaceful life!

17:42 - Two Beauties afraid of the Beast... These girls love their Disney movies... Ava got Beauty and the Beast for Christmas, and while they love it, sometimes it gets a little bit scary. I love that I caught this moment of Heidi throwing herself across her big sister... Two peas in a pod, these two.

We ended Saturday with our usual Saturday night treat of dinner in front of the TV. We're big on meals around tables round here; an opportunity to chat, catch up on our day and teach the children basic manners and etiquette, but once a week we break the rules and the girls eat at the bench on their little chairs and I'm not going to lie... They love it!

Home Life Photography Project


  1. What a lovely day and I agree, Lego is the best. Beany got some Duplo for Christmas and loves it, frequently bringing it to me to get me to build things.( Linking up with the Home Life Project.)

  2. I love hearing about your little ones xx

  3. What a lovely day. My girls love lego and who doesn't love a cookie #homelife x

  4. What lovely photos, you have a beautiufl home, everyones lives look alot less manic than mine xxx

  5. Aww I love the shot through the mirror and the cookie jar! #HomeLifeProject x x

  6. The cookie jar picture is gorgeous! How cute are the sofa snuggles!!

  7. That mirror photo is just gorgeous, makes me want to give him a big squeeze knowing he's smiling despite being under the weather and you know what I really love your washing in the kitchen! It's like the antidote to Instagram styled pictures showing that everyone else lives the same kind of life with a clothes airer out on display! Thank you for joining in.

  8. That brownie shot has me drooling! I'm going to have to make some up, they look so good! I love the mirror photograph as well.


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