Friday 4 March 2016

Dear Heidi... You're 3!

Oh my Heidi-girl!! Where did those three years go?? They have flown so quickly in a whirlwind of you and your siblings, and yet life without you is such a distant memory that I can barely picture it. You have cemented your place in our little family. Your sister's best friend and choice play buddy, your baby brother's constant companion and live-in entertainer and our little ray of sunshine!

This year you have made that slightly bittersweet transition that leaves all parents thankful but left with a little heartache... You are no longer our baby girl, but a little lady in your own right. You no longer simply follow your big sister's whims and interests, but you have your own ideas, your own hobbies and your own vivid, and at times rather incredible, imagination!

You are our little adventurer... You love to play outside, and while away happy hours in your play house. I always imagined you would be our little tomboy, as you have always loved the great outdoors, and like a bit of rough and tumble, but you are definitely as into girly things as your sister is, if not more so and anything princess-related is an absolute win in your book. You are forever walking around in some princess outfit, belting out a Disney tune at the top of your lungs, and your favourite toys are little Disney figurines that Ava got for her birthday, but which you have played far more with!

The highlight of your week is your swimming lesson... You are our little water baby and swim the width of that pool backwards and forwards with the biggest grin on your face. It's been so nice to find something that you truly love, and you are thriving in it! I love to sit on the side of that pool and just watch your joyous little face!

This year, you took on a new role too... You are no longer just a little sister, but a big sister too. It's taken you a little while to find your way in that one, but you and Jonas have found a happy little place now. You have always adored him, perhaps a little overbearingly at times (!!) but as he's gotten bigger, the two of you have become such good little friends. He finds you utterly hilarious, and there's nothing you love more than making him laugh.

You love to be read to.... And your favourite books perhaps portray that cheeky sense of humour that you possess... You love to read about the mischievous toys in Enid Blyton books, you find my naughty little sister utterly hilarious and you delight in the wicked humour of "Max and Moritz"... We are reading "The Railway Children" aloud at bedtime at the moment, and I love watching your eyes blink slowly as you fall into a drowsy slumber. I'm sure you've only actually heard half the story as you seem to fall asleep in the middle of it, but you seem to know what's going on anyway!

We had a few more "trying" months towards the end of last year....just typical two-year-old behaviour... Testing boundaries, and not appreciating rules... but this past month it seems you have turned a corner and it's just so lovely. You are great company; helpful, chatty, and at times completely bonkers! You never cease to bring a smile to our faces! 

I love being your Mama Heidi... You, just like Ava and Jonas, teach me new things every day. In your short three years, I have learnt so many life lessons... What it means to truly be thankful for what you've got, to cherish each moment, lean more on Jesus; you have taught me more patience and grace, and shown me the extent of my own sin too.

You have helped me know the Saviour better.

And I hope so much I can help you know him better too.

He is steadfast and certain, he loves you more than Mama and Papa ever could, and he has a plan for your life, little girl of mine. He knows every day before one of them even starts. Trust him. Give your life to him. Lean on him, and he'll show you the way to go. He doesn't promise an easy one, but he does promise peace, joy and his presence as you go.

We love you our Heidi girl...

Happy third birthday,

Mama xx

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