Saturday, 30 April 2016

Me and Mine // April

Oh my! WHAT a month... we have been so hectically busy and life is literally flying by at breakneck speed! So much so, that I woke up this morning and realised I hadn't taken a single photo of us all in April! So out whipped the camera, grabbed a quick shot and off went Papa to my brother-in-law-to-be's Stag Do! It was literally a 20 minute window where we were all together again.

We are just in a crazy phase right now.

Crazy, but lovely... as I write this, the girls are cuddling on the sofa watching their Saturday morning programme "Emily Erdbeer" (Strawberry Shortcake over here!) Jonas is emptying boxes on the floor (what is it about babies and emptying boxes?!) and I am tapping away on the laptop, trying to get this post out before I miss the deadline! Dave is off paintballing for the day, and I have a glamorous day ahead of housework and tidying up... but do you know what? I can't wait! It has been so crazy that piles of stuff has been gathering everywhere and its been bothering me all week (and Dave even more so... anyone else have a hub who can't stand mess?!) so we have a day ahead of quiet play and clearing up before Ava's little friends party this afternoon!

Time is just whizzing... and I'm craving a bit of calm, but I know that will come. I'm trying to enjoy all the fun and craziness at the moment and remembering its a season, a phase, and such a privilege to  have my "hand in so many pies" as the saying goes.

But for now, baby boy is whinging for breakfast, and to be honest my stomach's rumbling too...

Breakfast time!

Wishing you and yours a lovely start to May.... Bank Holiday weekend!

And here's Me and Mine in April... the irony of the last minute, one attempt, crazy speedy photo?! I think its my favourite ever...!


  1. Lovely photo 👍🏻

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Caroline... I am so pleased with it!

  3. That really is such a lovely photo so you would never know it was taken in a hurry! I find all mine are taken in a hurry anyway, no matter which day of the month it is. Family life just gets so busy doesn't it, I can totally relate to that at the moment too xx

    1. Oh yes! Super busy round here! Was so chuffed to get this shot despite that! Couldn't agree with your comment more!

  4. It's a gorgeous crazy speedy photo! Maybe not overthinking photos is the key to them? Life just gets faster and faster doesn't it - although now I'm the one working I think the mess bothers me more because having been apart from it I can see it more clearly - so I've spent the weekend tidying and Marie Kondo-ing!


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