Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Our family in May // Me and Mine

May has been a month of milestones for us... A big event in our family, and a big event in our home, and consequently, we have hit the end of May feeling somewhat victorious... We survived! My sister's wedding was a huge success; a wonderful, fun-filled day, and us girls had so much fun being her bridesmaids! The build has begun with a vengeance, and my life is now playing out to the soundtrack of drilling, hammering and  footsteps overhead.

Here's what we've all been loving this month...

* Thursday night football gatherings with the lads
* Tent building with his littlest two
* Taking his big girls to evening church
* Leading music at Paddy and Kristin's wedding
* Half term!

* Being a bridesmaid for her sister
* Wednesday morning Bible Study with the girls
* Pilates class
* Trying out a more healthy and natural lifestyle
* Having all her family at home for half term

Ava - 4 years and 9 months
* Being a flower girl
* Her first ever horse-ride
* Going to church with Papa on Sunday evening
* Ace-ing her spellings tests at school
* Reading stories to Heidi

Heidi - 3 years and 3 months
* Being a flower girl
* Offering cups of tea to our builders
* Swimming lessons
* Playing in her Huette
* Being Mama's little helper at Lidl

Jonas - 11 months
* Crawling - everywhere
* Naptime... this boy still loves his sleep
* Saying his first words - "Mama", "Papa", "A-ya" (Ava), "I-day" (Heidi) and "Ba" (ball)
* Deconstructing brick towers one brick after another!
* His football

And now for our family photo in May... of course, it had to be captured at the wedding! An amazing day and a photograph of me and mine that I'll cherish for always...

Now welcome, June!

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  1. Oh my goodness you all look absolutely beautiful, what a gorgeous photo to share with us all! Congratulations to you sister xxx

  2. What a gorgeous photo of you all at your sister's wedding and how wonderful that you were bridesmaid and flower girls all together. Sounds like it has been a very busy month for you - hope that June will be a little quieter and give you space to recover from the busyness! :-)

  3. Oh what a beautiful shot - you all look gorgeous and it was clearly a lovely day :)

  4. Beautiful photo. love the girls flower bands x

  5. I love this photo, look at your little three! and we know about little helpers at Lidl too ;) xx

  6. Gorgeous photo and it sounds like a brilliant month X


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