Monday, 9 May 2016

The Home Life Project // May

I don't know what it is about this project, but it always seems to fall on the least ordinary of our weekends... This weekend, that was so much so case, that we got to the end of Saturday and had been so busy clearing our attic (more on that exciting development tomorrow!) that I totally forgot it was the day I was meant to take all the photos...

So Sunday it was to be!

Sunday for us is church day. We are blessed to be part of a large church win a thriving youth and children's work, which our little ones adore. We spend every Sunday morning, and often part of the afternoon too, with our church family, and this Sunday was no exception. Our usual church service, our goddaughter's dedication, and the baptism of a dear friend were all to be squeezed into one day!

Amidst all the busyness though, there were a few more typical moments around the home that I did manage to capture yesterday...

A little insight into a typical Sunday round ours!

07.30 - our early riser decided that 5.55am was as good a time as any to get up for the day... I mean, when the sun's shining that bright, why on earth would you want to be in bed, right?! So by 7.30am Jonas was downstairs, dressed and raring to go!

08.41 - Hair time! I have had so much fun exploring new hair styles with the girls this past year. We all love it... They do and I do! I'm not gonna lie! Wearing their Sunday best always provides a good opportunity to try something new! If you want to check out some of the other styles we've been trying out, check out the hashtag #avashair over on Instagram!

09.37 - just after nine, Dave headed on to church with the big girls while I stayed behind with Jonas to let him get a bit more nap time! The service starts at 10.30, so I have an hour to get everything together, straighten my hair, and actually put some make-up on. It's so nice to actually feel I have to step out the door looking half decent! Oh the challenges of motherhood!

13.11 - home from church and straight out into the garden for a picnic... This weather was too good to miss!

14.02 - Hot weather meant we gave the girls an option... Quiet time in their bedroom, or quiet time in their Hütte... No brainer, right?!

14.17 - the children were all down for naps/quiet times, so Dave and I took the opportunity to work on the song we had planned to sing for Sylvia's dedication service that afternoon. It's called "A mother's prayer" by Kristyn Getty if you want to check it out. A beautiful song, and fun to have some chill time with my hub and the guitar. We used to do it so much, need to get back into the habit!

Then it was back up to church for the dedication and the baptisms! A wonderful afternoon celebrating new life for so many loved ones... Some physical new life,  some spiritual, but such a special day nonetheless!

Though I will admit, I feel like I'm going into this week more tired than I came out of the last one!


Home Life Photography Project


  1. It sounds like a lovely day and doesn't their hair look pretty? #homelifeproject

  2. I think Karen (above!) had the right idea, she was far more organised than me and she did her photos a week early cause she knew this weekend was going to be hectic! Just listening to A Mother's Prayer on youtube, it's beautiful. The girls hair looks lovely by the way, plaits are something I'm going to have to master too now I have a daughter!


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