Monday 4 July 2016

Life Round Ours // The Home Life Project in July

What a whirlwind week it's been! On Tuesday, a hammer was taken to Jonas' bedroom wall, and the attic was knocked through, and so we packed our bags and moved to my parents. We've avoided all the dust, the mess and dangerous stairwell drops and are now settling in just down the road. So this month's #homelifeproject is taking place in our home away from home - my parents house!

A little insight into our Saturday...

07:30 - football fever around here. England may be out, but it's still been all the talk...

07:53 - A little father and son time...

08:13 - Peanut Butter toast and mango... What's not to love?

10.42 - A quick trip back to our house to pick up a few bits, check over everything and water the plants...

13:26 - Quiet time... While Jonas sleeps, the girls have some down time in Nanny and Grandpa's room...

15:31 - I got a send off as I headed off to do my big weekly shop at Lidl!

17:52 - Dinner time and Nanny's cooking for us! A few chives for the potatoes freshly picked from the garden!

18:02 Cuddles with Uncle Alex... This baby boy is so loved!

18:13 - Jonas helps himself to Mama's peas... Cheeky!

18:48 - A bit of an outtake while Mama sets the timer on the camera!

18:50 - My girls... Like chalk and cheese but the best of friends. I love that they love each other so much, and hope it will always be this way!

19:04 - the highlight of our day... Readaloud time! We're devouring the "Little House" books... All three of us!

And that was our little Saturday! A very standard Saturday for us! Pottering around, doing chores, spending time together... Just in a slightly different setting to normal!

Next month's #homelifeproject will be in a very different setting. We will, as always, be heading back to Norway for the summer! Prepare yourselves for fjords, mountains and (hopefully!) some sunshine!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. How cute to remember helping self to peas! Love this project! Can't wait to see next months x

  2. Can't beat it when someone else does the cooking! Looking forward to seeing the results of your renovation x #homelifeproject

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see Norway next month and see if it matches up to my expectations (I'm imaging beautiful colourful wooden houses by the sea and lots of meadows with barns in them... am I even anywhere close?!) So lovely that you got to record a different kind of home life this month too, when I did a day at Easter at my in-laws I had an excuse to take photos I would otherwise never have shot...


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