Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dear Heidi... Off to Preschool!

To my little Heidi-girl...

The big day has arrived! Ever since Ava started back at school, you have been questioning and querying... "How much longer, Mama?", "How many more sleeps?"... you are so excited about this new adventure. Excited about the fun things you will get to do in Preschool, excited about the little friends you will make, excited about your uniform, and excited about your lovely teachers. And I am so excited for you too!

Excited, and a little bit sad.

It is, after all, bittersweet.

I will now be waving off both my little girls every morning... it seems like yesterday I had you both at home with me all day long; playing, napping, reading books together and having giggles. I find it hard to believe that my two baby girls are now both at school, but I know how thrilled you are to be joining your big sister... and how thrilled she is that you are joining her!

I'm not ready to think about where this year is heading yet... that at the end of this year, comes an even bigger transition. I'm just taking baby steps and as you keep reminding me; "it's not so long Mama... only a little while, and then I'll come home for lunch!"

I am so thankful for one more year to spend our afternoons together!

Jonas will miss having you around... you are his play buddy, and recently the two of you have been as thick as thieves. He won't know what to do with himself after a summer long of two big sisters to keep him entertained!

You are a ray of sunshine, Heidi - a bundle of fun, and the life and soul of the party. I'm praying you will use your joyous nature to be a blessing to others, and that your effervescence will be rooted in the true joy that only comes from the Saviour. You are a loyal and true friend, and I'm excited to see all the little friendships you will form with those little classmates of yours. I can't wait to see you blossom and grow as you learn and develop and grow in independence.

I will miss having you at home - my little sidekick... my little helper who, from the youngest age, has put loads of washing on for me and emptied the dishwasher! I will miss your chatter, and the funny way you put things. I will miss your jolly little face, and your natural humour that just does bring a smile to my face without you even trying.

I will miss you, Heidi girl... but I know there is so much to be gained from this adventure, and I'll be waiting, arms wide, to hear all about the fun you've had when its time to pick you up!

I love you Heidi! Have fun on your first day at Preschool!

Mama xxx

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