Thursday, 17 November 2016

Little Bits of Life // A Little Update

I noticed last night that I haven't blogged since our little announcement on the 5th... that's 12 days! The longest ever silence, I think, since I started blogging regularly five years ago. It has been good to take a little break... good to allow my body the rest it seems to desperately need right now, good to spend time just soaking and savouring days with these little people of mine, good to just enjoy life for the sake of it, and not feel the need to document it all... good to spend time with pen in hand, hovering over my private journal, rather than fingertips clicking away at this public one.

But I have missed it too. Blogging has become such an unexpected and joyous gift. Somehow the process of writing and sharing has helped me, so many times, to get my own thoughts clear, to regain perspective, to point me back to the Saviour... its been a creative outlet, and a place for me to document these days... the ones that feel so long, and yet fly by with ever-increasing speed, it seems.

And so, as the exhaustion seems to be passing, the bouts of nausea seem less and less frequent, and the building work enters a new phase, I'm feeling the call back to this little space. SO many ideas... so little time to actually write and record and edit and publish. There really are not enough hours in the day.

And so I thought I'd fill in the gaps... our little boy is finally WALKING and is in his element and thoroughly revelling in his newfound freedom. At 17 months, he was OH so ready! He continues to be the source of much delight and joy and is beginning to display a very quirky but fun sense of humour. His language is coming on gradually... a few words here and there, but he finds ways around it a lot of the time. It has been a lesson in patience for both of us. For him, the incredible frustration of not being understood, for me, the need to adapt to a child who, at 17 months, cannot tell me what he wants - after two girls who were speaking in sentences by this age, its been quite a steep learning curve for me!

The girls are thriving. Ava is a sponge for learning and just wants to drink it all up. I so hope it is always that way with her. She has such a thirst and delight in knowledge, and spends pretty much the entirety of her free time either in role play with her little sister, or pouring over some workbook. She is an incredible big sister, and has so much patience and time for both her little siblings. I thank God for the caring, nurturing personality he has given her, which serves her in the role as eldest sibling so well.

Heidi is our little drama queen, spends most of her time dressed up and can often be discovered using her "american" accent (which is highly amusing!) She is a delight to us, and the comedian of the family and just seems to have grown up so much these past couple of months. No longer our baby girl, but a real little lady. She comes out with the most brilliantly hilarious things and is loving having her own little posse of friends at Nursery.

We have had a fair share of rollercoaster days these past few weeks - sick bugs, tantrums, morning sickness, living on a building site, living off the bare necessities while the vast majority of our kitchen is packed up in boxes... it hasn't always been fun, and it certainly hasn't been the easiest phase of life... but in it all, the faithfulness of God holds firm. The anchor in the ship that's been feeling a little tossed at times has held fast, as he always does, and situations and circumstances that have at times threatened to overwhelm, haven't. He is enough. Always.

And so we hit the half way mark of November, and things begin to ramp up as we begin preparations for Advent. Life is chaotic and busy and frantic... and yet our hearts are oh, so, so full...

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