Sunday 19 February 2017

Update // The Joys of Home

It's amazing how one split second can change everything. How one moment in time on Wednesday night set us on an unexpected path that led to two nights in hospital, a lot of prayer and anxiety and now continued questions about whether this baby of ours will make it to term.

For now, the news is good...
the immediate danger is past, and baby is safely tucked up inside, lying transversely across me, kicking and wriggling and blissfully unaware of all of the commotion of the past five days.

I have placenta praevia... that means my placenta is lying right underneath baby and is prone to cause us a few scares along the way. Unfortunately the events of Wednesday night are likely to be repeated, possibly multiple times, over the next 13 weeks...

But with each week that passes, the danger lessens, our baby is a little bit bigger, a little bit stronger, and a little bit more ready to face the world.

And I'm feeling hopeful... and so very prayed for. Thank you so much to each one of you who prayed for us, wished us well, have offered support and help and love. We genuinely appreciate it. So much.

As things stand, I am revelling in the delights of being home... the hum of the washing machine, the happy cackle of little voices in the background, background strumming of David's guitar... and appreciating even the things I usually despise because they smack of normality - mountains of washing, overtired children and a never-ending to-do list.

"Taking it easy" apparently will not achieve anything... no amount of rest will be able to shift the position of my problematic placenta, but I intend to take a step back anyway... I'm not risking anything til this little life is safely delivered into our family.

Of all the thankfulness I have right now in my heart, knowing that this week could have ended so very differently... I am mostly thankful to God. Who I know is good all the time... in the joys and in the hardships. And who would have been good... and been enough... and been all that we needed however this week had ended. But I am grateful for the mercy of the outcome... I am grateful that he protected this little life when I felt so unable to do anything myself. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, he holds this little life, so very precious and vulnerable, in his hands.

Please continue to hold us up in your prayers...


  1. Of course we will hun. And if we can help with kids please just shout. X

  2. Try and take things easy I know it's hard with little ones xx

  3. Thankful you're at home...will continue to pray for protection and strength xx


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