Wednesday 22 March 2017

Something Old // A Little Antique Haul...

I don't know what it is about old stuff, but there is something in me that just finds it innately more fascinating and beautiful. For me, stepping into an antique shop is like stepping into a treasure trove. Every single item has a history - a story to tell... and unearthing those stories, treasuring those stories and making your own story part of their story is, quite simply, magnificent.

I went with my lovely friend Mary and a list as long as my arm last week... we trawled through the trinkets and treasures... slowly. Laughing over certain pieces, umming and ahhing over others. I came home with none of the things on my list, but some other little treasures that will enrich our family life in so many ways. And I couldn't help myself but share...

And truly, my real weakness in antique shops is the books - whether its the worn covers, the smell of the pages, the messages of love sent long ago on the inside cover, the illustrations, the sheer weight of them... I don't know. Books were treasures back then, and I love the fact you often get a little insight into their previous owners. I always keep an eye out for the classics... if I can pick up a vintage copy, I'll choose that over the modern paperback version any day...

Our 'new' copy of Little Lord Fauntelroy, for example...

There is something so precious about little chubby hands handling old pages. This is the 1901 edition and utterly beautiful to handle. Allowing the children careful handling of books, and appreciation of history and value, is such a teaching opportunity too... They are learning to cherish and respect age and the story behind each one of these treasures.

And as a book lover myself, there is something very precious about discovering your children pouring over beautiful illustrations and learning new things about our local wildlife thanks to a few pounds spent  in the local antique shop.

Is it weird that that makes me so very happy?!


  1. We are going to the largest second hand bookshop in England tomorrow .. barter books

  2. Thanks so much for suggesting that we should go - I had a lovely morning rummaging!!


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