Friday, 21 April 2017

Home At Last// Ready for Some Hum Drum

It's been a wonderful 24 hours. Home with my little brood. I am taking it very easy, and David has been wonderful at running the household with the older three so I can rest up with Elias in our little attic haven. The children are besotted with their little brother... Utterly loved up to the point where our usually best buddied oldest two have been squabbling over who's next for cuddles, and who gets to carry the changing bag... So much for four sorting all those sibling dynamics!

They are just so pleased to have us home I think. The novelty will wear off I'm sure, and they'll be back to their old antics in no time at all!

I am savouring their enthusiasm though. And savouring home comforts. And home cooked food. And cuddles with my littles. And familiarity. And just being home where I belong.

So, so much to thank the Lord for.


Elias is a little gem... A warm, fuzzy-haired, newborn-scented delight. We are having to work hard on feeding and staying awake. I thought it was a challenge with newborns before, but premature babies? Whole different ball game. But we are getting there, and I'm learning so many new things. And feeling vulnerable. And asking questions. And doubting my judgements.

Fourth time round and it's still the same.

My heart is so full of joy. I am sore, and tired... Weak and achey... And not overly excited about the six week (!) course of fragmin they've put me on... (I have to psych myself up to self-inject every time!) but these are a small price to pay for the beautiful gift of life we've been given.

Thank you for all your support, prayers and comments here... On Instagram... Messages, texts and face to face conversations. We have felt so upheld by you all and I've been so struck by the way our little family has been loved through this trial.

Now we simple revel in the recovery, the normality... And as my Dad put it...

"Ready to return to some hum drum"

Oh yes we are!


  1. Miranda Murfitt21 April 2017 at 07:15

    Lovely to hear that your home, much love to you all xx

  2. Welcome home Claire. Praying for your recovery and the early weeks of Elias feeding/growing etc x

  3. Elizabeth Giddy21 April 2017 at 07:22

    Wonderful news your home! I hope bring home makes the recovery period a little easier for you. Sending love and prayers xxxx

  4. Congratulations - wonderful news and how lovely to be home again with your baby boy xx

  5. Great hope you don't expect too much of yourself .... take it slowly....plenty of us around to give a hand ...but great news and prayers x

  6. Emma Hooks Nicholas21 April 2017 at 10:57

    so pleased you are all together again lots of love n prayers xxx

  7. Great news! So glad you are at home with your lovely family. Praying you recover well with lots of tlc xx

  8. His so tiny and gorgeous. Perfect 💙👍😍😘

  9. Glad you're both home. He's beautiful!
    Just to let you know being almost 5 weeks into a 6 week course of the injections, it becomes a part of your routine and you get used to them!!!!
    Love and prayers x


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