Friday, 7 April 2017

The End is in Sight // We Have a Date!

There is a long running joke in my family about my brother's utter inability to remember birthdays (sorry Al!)... I think he's just about mastered my Mum's and his girlfriend's, but his guesswork at my Dad's, my own and my sister's birthdays leaves much to be desired, never mind his ever growing brood of nephews and nieces. And the brothers-in-law? No chance!

Don't get me wrong, he loves those kiddos, and they utterly adore their "Agga" (see above!), but birthdays just aren't his thing...

Well, it appears we've discovered one sure fire way to make sure this next little baby's birthday is never forgotten by dear Uncle Alex, and that is to ensure it shares his birthday!

I laughed when they came through on Wednesday night... 

"We've set up a date for the Caesarian Section. It's planned for April 26th"

I laughed out loud.

It's been amazing to see the difference having a goal makes. The burden that feels lifted. It's something to aim for. The reality is, we may never get there (36+3) but it's a target... A hope. And 19 days doesn't feel impossible.

And then I remember that nothing is impossible with God.

So will you pray with us, that this littlest makes it on the inside until April 26th?

Let's give Uncle Alex a birthday he'll never forget!

(And Alan, Rune and Felix... Looking forward to sharing with you too!)


  1. We're all with you Claire, scores out of 10 for Alex remembering his own birthday?

  2. That's fabulous...a goal makes all the difference ...lots of prayers x

  3. Another day nearer! Fabulous tonhave a date. Praying with you. xx

  4. Hannah McAlpine7 April 2017 at 08:56

    Having a goal to get to is great, I will be thinking of you and keeping everything crossed. Xxxx

  5. Ah great news Claire. Not long to go. 😀 xx


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