Friday 16 June 2017

Dear Jonas - You're two!

Dear Jonas,

Little Joe-Joe... How much you have grown up these past two months. Somehow, with baby Elias' arrival, you morphed overnight from our baby to our big boy. You are a sheer delight... Easygoing, hilariously funny (and don't you know it!) and now a fully-fledged member of the siblings gang. You bring so much joy to our family and have made every step of this boy-mama journey an absolute pleasure.

Of course, I do realise you are now two, and all that could be about to change... We have been getting hints of it... The incredibly stubborn will, your perseverance when you have an idea in your head... Your refusal to follow instructions. And yet, I find it very hard to be mad, as you do it so politely!

"Jonas, please go and put your shoes on"
"No thank you!"


"Jonas, just one more spoonful of dinner"
"No thank you!"

Your big sisters find you utterly hilarious!

You are a little adventurer... Forever exploring and investigating! Your climbing skills are quite something, and you love nothing more than to wander round the house with your tool box and hammer everything in sight! You love your spiderman pyjamas and your hero is Bob the Builder...

Such different interests to your sisters!

Photo - P.Cornish

You love to sing and dance; your favourite song is "No! No! No!" from High School Musical, and you can often be heard first thing in the morning, belting out a rendition of it from your cot! You are incredibly in tune and even when you couldn't really talk yet, I always knew what you were singing as it was so tuneful!

You are a wonderful big brother... You absolutely adore your baby 'Lias and are always asking where he is. If you were allowed, I think you'd happily stand by his Moses basket all day long, plastering him in kisses and stroking his head.

You are a Papa's boy - you love to kick a football around, and you adore being thrown in the air and turned upside down (sometimes Mama has to look away!) but you are always in fits of giggles and asking for more! But when you're sad, or you've hurt yourself, you'll call for Mama, and give the best hugs. You're a really affectionate little thing.

And your goofy smile? The one where you stick your teeth out and do that snorty breathing thing?

Absolutely priceless!

Oh Jonas, I could go on and on about all your funny little quirks and ways, and how much joy you bring us... But the biggest joy you could ever bring this Mama heart of mine is to follow the Saviour. To build that little life of yours on him; and that's my prayer for you today, as you turn two, and on into the future... That you would know 'how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ' and that you would base your life upon him.

We love you darling boy, and thank God every day for you

Mama and Papa xxxx

Photo - P.Cornish

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