Wednesday 18 October 2017

Siblings in October // My Tiny Tribe

October has been good to us so far... good but insanely busy... the days fly by and it seems our evenings are jam-packed too. We are so very ready for the Half Term break.

This tiny tribe of ours have really found their rhythm now. Home life is a constant buzz... there is always something going on, always some make-believe game that the big three are fully immersed in while Elias looks on. Jonas is now fully integrated into the girls duo, and while he doesn't always play ball, he's a much loved member of their little gang. At two years old, he's certainly the one keeping me on my toes at the moment - he loves his baby brother in the way that big brothers do... heavy handedly and with a lot of attempted bundling.

It keeps me busy!

The girls are fully in school mode, and Heidi has adjusted so well. She has been brimming with energy and enthusiasm for school (though she will freely admit that the best bit about school is her lunch!!), though this past week or so, the tiredness has set in.

Ava continues to work hard and be our sibling gang's little ringleader. She is such a kind big sister though and is much adored by all of them, but Jonas is her little shadow. He follows her around and treats her very much like his mini-Mama. She seems perfectly happy with that arrangement though!

So here's our little Siblings in October...

Ava (6 years, 2 months) is loving
* Reading "The Spiderwick Chronicles"
* Anne of Green Gables
* Colouring in the playground at lunchtime
* Her sports club at School
* Songwriting with Mama

Heidi (4 years, 7 months) is loving
* Ice cream at the Cafe with Papa
* School Dinners
* Cuddles with her baby brother
* Learning to read!
* Rollering her oils on every day

Jonas (2 years, 4 months) is loving
* Doing his "blind mouse" impression
* Going swimming with Papa
* Naming all his toy vehicles
* Watching the dustbin lorry
* Wearing his football kit

Elias (6 months) is loving
* Chewing on his feet
* Rolling over as soon as you lay him on his back
* Gummy smiles
* The Jumparoo
* Snuggles with Mama at 5.30am

So that's us in October... we'll see you in November!!

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