Tuesday 21 November 2017

Homemade Linen Spray // Creating a Toxin Free Space

It was probably two years ago that I started label reading. Once you start, there's no going back. An article in the telegraph last week stated that "Our homes are reservoirs of a toxic 'chemical soup' that can cause asthma, eczema, allergies and other autoimmune disorders" - from our cleaning products, to our quick dry paint, we are filling our homes with chemicals that with new insulation advances, are now not being aired properly... its a well stated fact that inside our homes is up to 50% more toxic than the outside air. Its a chilling statistic.

For the past two years or so, we have been gradually phasing out toxic products in our home, and replacing them with more natural substitutes. Often the natural substitutes are actually easier to get hold of and cheaper, but modern advertising and the attraction of a super-strong fragrance have won us over.

We've gradually waved goodbye to cleaners, aerosol sprays, perfumes and washing powder... I now buy all our meat from a grass-fed and free-range farming company, our vegetables are all organic and I threw out the majority of the contents in our bathroom cabinet. It sounds drastic, and it is, but its been a very slow process. Baby steps. And so its never felt overwhelming.

But saying goodbye to all the expensive, highly frangranced products does not mean saying goodbye to a pleasant smelling home, and my nose has become accustomed to the gentler, milder scents of essential oils, which have enabled me to go all natural without losing that lovely aroma!

I've recently started working with Young Living Essential Oils, and would love to share a little with you if its something you're interested in! Just drop me a line!

And in the meantime, I thought I'd share how simply you can chuck some of those toxic products and create some sprays for around your home that will help you make the transition... sprays are actually a really good way to make your oils last a whole lot longer too... its a win-win!

For each spray you need...
> An amber glass spray bottle  (100ml)
> Distilled water - lasts a whole lot longer than tap and gives your sprays a much longer shelf life
> Witch Hazel - helps the oils to distribute evenly throughout the water
> Twenty drops of the appropriate essential oils (see below) - I buy ours from Young Living... you can read about that here.

To make your sprays, you simply fill your bottle 1/3 full with witch hazel, drop in your essential oils, and then, after swirling them around a bit, fill up the rest of the bottle with water...

All Natural Pillow Spray (for helping create a calm, sleepy aroma!)
> 20 drops Lavender

All Natural Toilet Spray (for making your bathroom smell fresh as a daisy!)
> 10 drops Purification
> 10 drops Lemon

All Natural Linen Spray (for spraying on bedding, and just around the room for a freshen up)
> 10 drops Purification
> 10 drops Lavender
> 10 drops Pine

All Natural Ouch Spray (for cut knees and bumps and bruises)
> 10 drops Frankincense
> 10 drops Lavender

All Natural Nit Spray (to keep those dreaded visitors at bay!)
> 10 drops Tea tree
> 10 drops Pine

Have fun!


  1. Hi Claire, thanks for sharing this! I'd like to know what you use instead of washing powder and the cleaning products for the bathroom?
    And have you found a good deodrant that works?!
    We have a four month old and are thinking along the same lines. Thank you! X
    P.s. I love reading your blog :)

    1. Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for your comment! Of course I'm happy to share! I use a Young Living laundry soap which is a little pricier, but has enabled me to cut out fabric conditioner and dryer sheets - so no complaints here (if you want to know more about Young Living, click on the Essential oils tab at the top). I've tried a few different deodorants, but in the end have settled on a Neals Yard one (it's a spray - lemon and coriander I think) it's about £8 a bottle, but a bottle lasts a few months...
      In terms of bathroom I use a spray that I make up myself with water and Thieves oil (which is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral oil, and I use the classics like white vinegar and baking soda! Nothing like the tried and tested... Does that answer all your questions? X

    2. Thank you, Yes that does help. I'm going to look into recipes for using vinegar and baking soda. I made up the recipe you suggested for the bathroom spray and that's really nice!
      I do have another couple of questions... After reading about essential oils it says they're not suitable for children under 6... I guess that means when they're undiluted? Is it okay to use the sprays you suggest around the house with a baby? (I suppose its better than the toxins you write about though!)
      Also in another post you said you found a good cure for verrucas. Would you mind sharing that?
      Lastly, there seems to be a huge variety in price for the oils. How do I know which ones are good?!
      Sorry for all the questions! X

    3. Hi Rachel, great questions! Can you drop me an email at contactclarinascontemplations@gmail.com ... its probably easier to email than comment on here!


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