Thursday 18 January 2018

Brothers // A Whole New World...

When I was expecting Elias, we had the inevitable onslaught of baby gender comments. It seems that, aside from your first child, everyone always has an opinion on what you must be "hoping" for... if you've got a girl, you must be hoping for the boy... if you have TWO girls, you're definitely going for the boy, if you have two girls and one boy, it would be such a shame to have another girl, wouldn't it?

I've always had to seriously bite my tongue on that one!

We have always been extremely open about the fact that whenever I've been expecting, all we've wanted to bring home from hospital is a baby... we have genuinely never minded one iota what we've got.

And yet, now I look at these two little boys cuddled up on the sofa, I am so thrilled with how it worked out. I feel sad sometimes that my tiny girl days are behind me... oh how I loved those little girl years with their hours of dolls houses and babies in buggies and gorgeous matching outfits, but I'm also so excited that I basically get to relive the whole preschool years thing from the other side. Two little boys are oh so very different to two little girls. Different interests, energy levels and concentration! It's fascinating to watch. Our eldest boy has grown up in a world of pink and glitter, and while he can occasionally be found sporting an abandoned pair of Beauty and the Beast high heels, he's decidedly uninterested in anything other than his football and Fireman Sam.

But what I am loving the most is watching my little boys' friendship develop. Cultivating sibling relationships is tough... it takes effort and work and time and thought. Kindness and care doesn't always come instinctively to two-year-olds... but these past few weeks we've really turned a corner, and more often than not I'll see a little blond head kissing a little bald one and saying,

"Best friend Eeyas!"

I hope so much that these little brothers will share the same closeness that their big sisters have always had. And while I'm learning that affection by boys (Bundle!!) is demonstrated somewhat differently than affection in girls, I am thoroughly revelling in the little signs of friendship I am observing day by day.

These boys. I hope they'll always have each others' backs.


  1. Sweet brothers! Bless them! x

  2. Gorgeous little brothers xx

  3. Oh yes I’m finding Isabella very different! X


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