Wednesday 10 April 2019

Me and Mine in March

March. A month of birthdays and book days... of swimming lessons and school days... of playdates and playdough. Just the every day and the extraordinary mixed up in one big beautiful cacophony!

It is very much what life feels like these days. A thousand little simple moments, repetitive actions, commands, requests and decisions... all joining together to form the beautiful chaos of life as a Mama of four littles. It is relentless... I still have frequent moments of wondering whether how I'm responding to a particular issue or question or behaviour or attitude is right... plenty of self-doubt and a lot of prayer thrown in. And all too many moments where I know I didn't handle something well... where my own sin and selfishness get mixed up in the chaos. This mothering malarkey is no joke. But it is also the greatest privilege. Four little souls... each unique... each with their own little quirks and personalities and challenges... but each made in God's image and entrusted to our care.

These little people bring me so much joy. And heartache. And frustration. And love.

I thank the Lord every day for each one of these crazy souls!

And despite the reality of this crazy, chaotic life, Dave and I have been so aware that this has been a season of rest. Life has been busy, and yet we have been so grateful for a deep-seated sense of peace and joy that has been such a gift of the Lord.

The past few years have taught me a lesson I continue to learn... that God is steadfast and certain. A source of joy and hope in the times of struggle, just as he is in the seasons of rest. Too often I lean heavily on him when things get tough, and swan through life in my own strength when things are easier. I think that's why this season has felt so precious... its been a calm few months, and yet there has been such a sense of purpose and presence of God's work in our lives.

So very, very thankful.

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  1. so perfect and blessed love eadin yur every da y life stories thank yu xxx


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