Thursday 29 October 2020

Dear Elias - off to Preschool!

Oh my boy... my baby boy! (I know you would deny that's what you are, but I'm afraid that's what you'll always be to me!)

It's perhaps testimony to the busyness of life right now that it's taken me until half term to write this post... as usual I'm playing catch up on my blog, but I couldn't let this milestone go without writing a little something for it!

Six weeks ago, you stepped through those nursery doors for the first time - without so much as a look or a wave back! You were SO ready for nursery, and school is so familiar to you, that as far as you were concerned, the fact that the big kids went back after 6 months at home it meant it was time for you to go too. You have always been a confident and sociable little man, easily making friends and getting up to mischief, and this experience was no different... you have settled in super quickly, have a little crew of buddies around you and are charming the socks off your teachers too.

For your bigger siblings, the last year before preschool was always filled with one on one time with me; lots of playdates and playgroups, coffees and homedays. Your last year looked somewhat different... when your big siblings were sent home from school in March, not to return for a full six months due to Corona Virus, you revelled in the company. I sometimes feel bad that you missed out on some of that 1 to 1 time, but then I watch your bonds with your siblings, how much you delighted in having Jonas at home, and I know really I have nothing to worry about. Nursery is currently only mornings, and we still have our fun-day Mondays when you stay home with me which I love.

I am cherishing every minute of this year, of having a little bit of special time just with you before you fully join your big siblings in the big wide world of school. I love how chatty you are, I love that you are so friendly and so inquisitive. You are our little whirlwind - always active, always physical, always lively and always into everything... but you are also incredibly affectionate and warm, always wonderfully complimentary of those you love and eager to please. 

You are a much loved littlest member of our family, and your big siblings were thrilled to have you join them at school.

Li-Li... we pray for you that you will continue to be the little light that you are at school... shining out the joy and wonder of Jesus... welcoming all, bringing energy and enthusiasm to everything you do. I'm so excited to see you grow and mature over these school years, and praying the Lord will make you a little man after his own heart. That you're little testimony will always be exactly what your name means - "the Lord is God"

We love you Elias! And I'm always counting down to our next Monday!

Mama and Papa x


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