Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Books I'm reading...

Also thought I'd post a few of the latest recommendations after a bit of time of over christmas to do some reading...

1) A Passion for the Impossible: The life of Lilias Trotter (Discovery House Publishers).
I'm always one for a biography, and this christmas present from my parents-in-law-to-be has proved to be both a gripping read and an incredible challenge and inspiration as I read about the life of a woman who quite literally sacificed fame and fortune for the Gospel. Her heart and passion for the lost have inspired me greatly and I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn from our brothers and sisters in history!

2) Questioning Evangelism: Randy Newman (Kregel Publications)
This book has challenged me on the way I present the Gospel. Newman discourages strategy and method, and instead challenges us to get beneath the question we are asked by asking another question, in the same way Jesus did. His argument is compelling and his style of writing makes this a very accessible and helpful read in knowing how to best encourage our friends, family and neighbours to think about the bigger questions of life! My CU girls are reading this one at the mo, and we're finding it very helpful!

3) Esther and Ruth: Reformed Expository Commentary: Iain M.Duguid
This is a fantastic commentary which is helping me in my devotional life to get to grips with two bible women who were incredibly used by God in his grace. The book itself says "a closer reading shows an embittered Naomi to have abandoned the Promised Land and God's people, and Esther to have become thoroughly assimilated to the culture and values of Persian Society (...) in both books, a gracious and sovereign God works through flawed individuals - unable even to help themselves - to rescue his people and prepare for the coming of Christ"... its a fantastic book that will help you dig deeper into God's word and rejoice in the grace that is ours despiteour flaws and failures.

4) Revolution Within: Dwight Edwards
Dwight Edwards is a direct descendant of Jonathan Edwards, and so far has shown as much insight into glory of God and the freedom that is ours in Christ as his ancestor did. The book is a refreshing look at God's grace and spirit-empowerment which is fantastic for dustin out the cobwebs in our spirtual walk and breathing a breath of fresh air into our often legalistic lungs. This book has helped me to praise God more, love Christ better, and hunger for the Spirits empowerment. A gem of a book.

Hope this'll provide some ideas for some reading guys. Enjoy!

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