Thursday, 22 June 2017

June Favourites // Little Loves

Ah! June... On the home front, a wonderful month of sunshine and blue skies, of longer days and laughter, of adjustment and recovery. We revelled in the heat and are now revelling in the cool. It has been a quietly busy month... a month of the return to normality and all that entails... back to life, back to reality. Three school runs a day, sports days and assemblies, being signed off by midwives and hospitals and starting to see a little normalcy for the first time in months. On the national stage it has felt quite a different story - tragedy, terror and unrest. These are uncertain times, times of big questions and perspective and prayer and proactivity - but more on that later...

Our little loves for June...


One thing that's for sure and for certain is that with four children under 6, my reading time has been slightly impacted... I have had next to no time to sit down and read anything - no books, blogs or magazines this month at all. I haven't really even had time to miss it. But I know that will change. This is a season of sleepless nights, early starts and busy days that will not last forever. I'm just about managing a daily dip in to my Bible, but even that has been shorter and more curtailed than I would like! I have an ever-growing pile of books I'm so excited to read, but biding my time!


Poldark is back! I was a little uncertain after being a bit frustrated by the ending of the previous series (I'm not a fan of TV interpreting books to make it more dramatic), but I'm loving the new series already. A good dose of Ross and Demelza romance, stunning cornish scenery and some new characters... love it!

I've also been enjoying watching some lovely vloggers during the middle of the night feed...

(Clockwise from top left)
> Mummy Daddy Me - My lovely blog-friend Katie who has just moved house and is making it a home. I love a bit of DIY and interior design! All very exciting, with some very cute children too!
> Lisa Potter Dixon - My real-life friend Lisa who is as lovely in real life as she comes across on screen. As Head make-up artist for Benefit make-up, she has loads of wisdom to share, and is always just chatty and lovely and fun!
> The Michalaks - possibly the King and Queen of vlogging, their vlogs are like mini-movies and very inspiring creatively!
> The Meldrums - These guys are real and chatty and fun to watch, but having a tough time at the moment. As someone who has just come out of a tough pregnancy, I'm following their story and hoping for good news for them.


I'm not sure I can actually claim to have 'made' butterflies, but we did watch them grow, cocoon, fed them, and let them fly free yesterday. Unfortunately, my phone died right at the moment we did it, so I have no photographic evidence of their release, but it would have been totally wrong of me to delay the children's excitement for the sake of capturing the moment on camera - much better just to savour it with them in memory! So instead you have a picture of their empty net home! One lone cocoon still lying inside which we think hasn't made it - but we're going to give it one more night just to be sure!

We also finally put together this cork map that we have been storing for a few years and have placed little pins where all our friends and loved ones are. It's become a lovely source of conversation with the children. We love it!

My other little project in these past ten days was a little birthday workbench for Jonas... You can see more on my last post! It was a fun, fairly easy project, but I'm so pleased with the result!


I was given this gorgeous Birdy and Pearl teething necklace by my cousin and his wife when Elias was born (thank you cards should finally be on route soon 🙈) and although Elias isn't quite old enough to make the most of it yet, Jonas and my little teething nephew have been absolutely loving it. So nice to have an attractive piece of jewellery that can't be destroyed by little people. In fact, it's encouraged that they play with and chew on it! You can check out Birdy and Pearl on Instagram! They have some really gorgeous necklaces! 


We've been listening to a bit of Norton Hall Band on Spotify recently... Some old classic hymns performed really beautifully and brought up to date. Loving it.

We were also at my lovely friend Ali's wedding in North London at the weekend and they had the most awesome band ever at the reception called "Truly Medley Deeply"... They literally performed covers of every song imaginable under the sun in these awesome medleys. It was so clever and so fun, and I commented I wished they'd been around when we got married nine (NINE?!?) years so... Before I realised they were probably still at primary school then.

Man, I'm getting old.


London just seems to have taken such a hit recently... And I just can't seem to get those awful images of Grenfell tower out of my head. It just seems so senseless. With the London Bridge and Finsbury Park attacks also happening, I'm just reminded what a broke down world we live in. How much need there is for hope, and love. We are praying for the gospel to bear fruit in the aftermath of these tragedies... And also for the victims. If you want to know the situation on the ground at Grenfell Tower and how you can still help, give @lizzieloveshealthy a follow on Instagram. She lives right by the tower and has been keeping us all updated via Stories. It's absolutely heartbreaking...

Let's hope the rest of June is a little more peaceful on the national and international stage... 

With love from me and mine xxx

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Little Birthday Project // DIY Play Workbench

Our Jonas has three loves in his life... Bob the builder, football and weetabix! He's a little lad easily pleased... A ball and a hammer will keep him amused for hours (just beware not to have anything breakable in your home!) and so when it came to thinking about what to get him for his birthday, I knew straight away a workbench would be right up his street.

Except in typical me-fashion, I had a very specific idea what I wanted... Something wooden, that could live outside, and that would be sizeable enough for all the children to appreciate.

Needless to say, no such thing existed, and the closest thing was a few hundred pounds outside our budget...

Friday, 16 June 2017

Dear Jonas - You're two!

Dear Jonas,

Little Joe-Joe... How much you have grown up these past two months. Somehow, with baby Elias' arrival, you morphed overnight from our baby to our big boy. You are a sheer delight... Easygoing, hilariously funny (and don't you know it!) and now a fully-fledged member of the siblings gang. You bring so much joy to our family and have made every step of this boy-mama journey an absolute pleasure.

Of course, I do realise you are now two, and all that could be about to change... We have been getting hints of it... The incredibly stubborn will, your perseverance when you have an idea in your head... Your refusal to follow instructions. And yet, I find it very hard to be mad, as you do it so politely!

"Jonas, please go and put your shoes on"
"No thank you!"

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Baby Tales // Two Months!

Dear Elias,

Two months old! How did that come round so quick?! This has been the month of chunking you up, so that you now are firmly within a size bracket I feel more comfortable with... 10lb! I nearly fell off the sofa when the health visitor told me. So far removed from that little 5lb baby I had to battle to feed!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wild and Free // Siblings in June

I think I always knew that the more children we added to the mix, the more difficult it would be to get that perfect siblings capture... The one where everyone's smiling happily and looking at the camera. No chance... The reality was a baby who needed to go to bed and a small boy who needed something, anything, to distract him to stop him bounding full pelt towards the camera shouting 'cheese'! The out takes are quite something!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Things They Love // A Little Update

One of the reasons I first started blogging was to keep a bit of a record of milestones and moments with this little family of mine. Even now, I love re-reading some of the posts I wrote when the girls were small, little quirks and behaviours that are so easily forgotten. Nowadays, with four children underfoot, the danger of forgetting those little intricacies is even more likely than ever before... so I thought it was about time I recorded some of their little loves right now...

Ava - 5 years, 9 months

Monday, 12 June 2017

Home Sweet Home // Some Extension pictures!

There is something in me that has always loved noseying around other people's houses... I love Grand Designs, home makeover shows and anything that gives me a sneak peek into someone else's home. Our own home has resembled a building site for much of the past year (resembled is the wrong word... It's been a building site.) And since then, many of you have asked me to put some pictures up of the new extension... So here you go...