Thursday, 29 December 2011

Creative days...

I LOVE making things... this year, my plan was to make all my christmas presents... I almost succeeded (I'm always defeated by the boys... what do you make for boys?!?) So all the girls in the family got homemade goodies. Its a start... perhaps next year I'll succeed in finding something creative that the boys will appreciate!

My friends daughter came over today and got her "craft box" for christmas. We had fun decorating it this afternoon and she's been beavering away all day making cards, finger puppets, posters and christmas decorations.

An afternoon of creativity!

Little Miss Creative

Lunchtime we were joined by Matt and Steph for a lunch of christmas leftovers (sausage rolls, christmas cake, nice bread, fancy cheese... we even had crackers!) and then the christmas favourite came out again - Nativity! Dave watched it for the 5th time in the last 2 weeks and still cracks up in every scene and Tig practically knew the whole script by heart. I love the relaxing, creative days that make up the holidays.

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