Friday, 23 December 2011

Ordinary days!

Today was an ordinary day in our household... washing to be hung up, naps to be taken, presents to be wrapped, tea to be drunk, beds to be made and hoovering to be done in preparation for the big day!

Waiting for the coffee to brew (I love the smell, even if I don't like the stuff itself!)

Enjoying Ava's first Christmas

Papa and Ava singalong!

Tonight the fam came over for Stir-fry and my FAVOURITE christmas movie... BBC2, 6.20pm... LOVE it! For all you primary teachers, this is a christmas must-see!

Love from us all!

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  1. She is just so gorgeous! Always wonder what babies are thinking... but im pretty sure she is happy with her caring and loving family!
    And hey, ordinary days are what make our life less ordinary! When we looke back and see those days, we can seen times of joy and hapiness in the presence of our Saviour!
    All glory to Him!
    Hope you and your family have a great christmas!!!
    Love you!


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