Thursday, 15 December 2011

Time Management gone wrong!

Today it has just hit me that I have exactly ten days to do everything I need to do...

* Make and send 80 Christmas cards before Saturday (last post day!)
* Get photo of Ava printed to send with Christmas cards
* Finish Ava's stocking
* Do ALL of my christmas shopping
* Buy in Christmas food
* Bake Christmas biscuits
* Attend a number of Christmas parties...
* Purchase and decorate Christmas tree
* Watch school Christmas production
* Go to the opticians!
* Finish making family presents
* Set the timer to pre-record all necessary Christmas movies
* Make Ava's fancy dress Christmas outfit for NCT party next week
* Somehow create more hours than a day has got...

... errr... Help?!?

Signing off because I shouldn't be writing this blog, but doing one of the above!

Claire x

PS - I've labelled this time management because this is an example of how NOT to manage your time!

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