Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Gathering Review

Wow... I promised a review of Sovereign Grace's newest album, and I can honestly say it didn't disappoint! Packed full of brilliant lyrics, excellent melodies and some pretty awesome riffs, this live album has been on repeat in our household for the past week!

The album's intention is to take the listener on a journey. It begins by calling us to worship, shows us the might and glory of God which leads us to recognise the depths of our own sin. When we're in the pit, it leads us to the Gospel which offers grace and mercy and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. We are led then to be thankful as we prepare to hear God's word opened up, and are then called to respond to the Gospel with thanksgiving, praise and a desire to got out and share the Good News.

This is definitely my favourite SG album since they released Worship God Live in 2005... its really well recorded and, as always, is extremely well thought-through and lyrically excellent.

One of my faves for your enjoyment...

Happy listening!

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