Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A New Year's Eve well spent...

New Years Eve... we all sit up and while away the hours, waiting for the clang of Big Ben and the London Eye Fireworks, waiting to receive 100,000 texts. If I'm honest, I always feel its slightly overrated and end up wishing I'd just gone to bed so I didn't feel so tired the next day (how sad am I??)

This year, we had my parents and brother over for New Years Eve and we spend the hours in the run up to midnight watching a film... one of those movies you wish you'd known about sooner... one of those films you're still thinking about the next day, wondering whether it was a true story, and even if its not, knowing that it probably represents many untold stories.

"Sarah's Key" is a film that tells the story of a journalist (Kristin Scott Thomas) who uncovers the story of one French Jewish family during the Holocaust. She quickly becomes emotionally involved, and is desperate to find out what happened to the young Sarah Starzynsky.

I cannot recommend this film highly enough, switching between French (with subtitles) and English, the story seems so real that you're left wondering whether it is a true story... the characters are so realistic and I was totally hooked. A New Year's Eve VERY well spent.

So if you have a free hour and a half one day, spend it watching this movie. Absolutely brilliant, very moving and excellently acted.

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