Thursday, 5 January 2012

Operation Christmas Clear-Up

Operation Christmas Clear-up is now completed in our household! On Tuesday, I took a deep breath, braved the gale-force winds, hailstones and black clouds and headed down to the craft room to bring the packing boxes up to the house. Tree down, baubles away, advent candles cleared and stockings boxed for another year. In the midst of the clear-up, the house always looks like a bomb-site, but once its done, hoovered and dusted, I feel better again! There's nothing like a good old spring(/winter) clean! All we need now is a bit of snow, a frothy hot choc with marshmallows and I'll feel all cosy and wintry again!

Ava's contribution to the process was to sleep while Mama packed everything away! What a good girl she is!

Its kinda sad, but I have to admit, I love the opportunity to redecorate... post-christmas winter theme here we come! I'm going beige, silver and blue this year... nice neutral, icy colours to match the season!
Nothing like a bit of candlelight to set the mood!

I left my snowflakes up, but exchanged my baubles for metal stars and hearts

I love Willow Tree figurines... this one was a pressie from my lovely friend Chez!

We wish you lots of cosy, winter evenings


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