Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cookie q and a!

Had a couple of questions thrown my way after my "Baking Day" post yesterday, so decided to delay the post that was up for today and answer the questions, in case anyone else is interested!

Where did you get the "Homemade" ribbon?
Another free advert for Panduro here!  I do a huge order from them about every 6 months. AMAZING stuff and decently priced!

Did you get the stickers printed?
Nope... just good old handwriting! The stickers are from a Cath Kidston set that was a present that I have USED and USED! Very worth the money... every jar in my larder is  labelled up with them and I've still got a tonne left! Pretty sure you can buy them off Amazon... 

Where did you get the bags from?
The "bags" weren't bags at all... a simple role of cellophane!!! I cut out a circle of nice scrapbook paper, just a little bigger than the cookies and placed the cookies on top of it. I sellotaped the edge of the cellophane across the centre of the circle and then carefully rolled the cookies round, taping as I went until it was surrounded... then I just bunched up the top and tied it together with a ribbon!

Which Hummingbird book did you use?
I love Hummingbird Bakery recipes... they are always so light and fluffy! The recipe is actually from the original Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook... anything Hummingbird gets a thumbs up in my book! I made the oat and raisin cookies and they are our faves by MILES... think its something to do with the fact you feel healthy eating them, cos they have oats and raisins in them and you somehow feel able to ignore the high quantities of butter and sugar!!

Voila! Lovely cookie packaging!



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