Thursday, 15 March 2012

Happy Houseguests!

We have been keeping lovely and busy with my parents-in-law this week... they're enjoying the sunshine with their little granddaughter. When I was preparing for their arrival, I took my inspiration from a pin I posted a while back, and made a "Guest Basket" for their arrival. I gathered together some facecloths, shampoo, bath and shower gel, nice soap and some yummy boiled sweets and a few old lemonade bottles and jam jars! All you need to make your guests feel welcome!

I soaked the lemonade bottles and jam jar until I could easily peel the labelling off. The simply poured the new items into the bottles, and put the sweets into the jam jar. Then, using my brilliantly fab Cath Kidston stickers (which I'm still using after 3 years - they seem never ending - once of my best presents ever!) and a bit of ribbon, I decorated the bottles/jars and made them all pretty!

Voila! A lovely guest basket!

Happy houseguests!

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