Friday, 2 March 2012

Pin of the Week...

At the moment I'm sketching to my heart's content... I want to revamp our bathroom... on a budget. More on that next week... but for the time being I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas...

Here are my faves!!!

I love the bright colours of the accessories... makes it feel so fresh and clean!
I wish I could have a beadboard wall... we have them throughout our hallway but they probably aren't THAT practical for a bathroom!
Too cute... I'm totally nicking this idea - I love mason jars!
Love the border around this bath... this woman has done a whole tutorial on it. LOVE it!
Cute stool for little people! 
Like the idea of using a bit of water themed stuff - taps and watering cans add a bit of character!
These little signs are so cute and add a bit of comedy!
I want that wire basket for MY loo roll!!! 
Lovely vintage towels and gorgeous hooks

I have lots to work with... the challenge is to transform the room on the cheap!

Happy weekend everyone!

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