Friday, 13 April 2012

Budget Bathroom Makeover: Laying the flooring

On Wednesday night I tackled the next phase of my Budget Bathroom Makeover! Putting new flooring down can TOTALLY change the feel of the room. Lino/Vinyl is ideal for bathrooms - its hard-wearing, easy to clean and waterproof AND, even better, you can get it on the roll pretty cheap and its easy to lay. I picked up a roll straight off the shelf from B&Q for less than £35... not bad, eh?

My plan was to get the BIG stuff done before Dave returned from Berlin and surprise him, so I wanted the flooring down and the new bath panel up by then. Mission accomplished! Dave returned late last night and was amazed by how much BIGGER the room feels with the new additions. I'll blog updated photos with bath panel and the final reveal next week.

Anyway... back to our flooring adventure! My bro came round to help me out and we tackled the whole thing with a roll of vinyl, a pair of scissors, a stanley knife and some double-sided vinyl tape. 2 and a half hours of solid labour, interrupted only by the arrival of my mammoth Tesco shop (which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about!) and the bathroom looked like a new room! I'm SO SO chuffed with it! Our bathroom is opposite Ava's bedroom... so the whole operation was conducted in whispers and behind closed doors which just made the whole project more interesting!

I thought you'd appreciate a picture of my brother toilet-hugging! (This was the fun stage... carefully cutting round the sink and toilet, pipes and all!)

 And then the moment of glory; "Mission accomplished"!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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