Sunday, 1 April 2012

NWA: Day 1... uh-oh... conjunctivitis...

So the start of our week away hasn't quite gone to plan... we've had an outbreak of conjunctivitis which has meant Ava, in her highly infectious state, is unable to attend the creche. Aside from being a challenge to get hold of antibiotics, constantly clean her eyes and fighting her to get eye drops in (she has been SO good about it) it is a wonderful lesson in humility for me as I've had to, for the time being, step down from leading the worship (which I LOVE!) I was gutted, but every time I look into those normally big blue eyes, which are now small and red and puffy, I realise that my primary role is no longer youth worker, small group leader or worship leader, but purely being a mummy. Yes, cleaning out eyes, putting in eye drops and wiping noses may be less glamourous, but as I'm being reminded here daily, "Jesus came to serve, not be served" and that's who I am to strive to be like.

God-willing, Avas eyes will heal soon and I can get a bit more involved, but I trust that God is sovereign and has allowed this to happen for a reason and I praise him for the opportunity to put servanthood into action.

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