Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A productive evening...

I am feeling a bit like Kevin McAllister at the moment... I'm home alone (well, not entirely alone as Ava's here too!) but Dave has hit Berlin for a stag do, so I'm trying to be super-efficient while he's away so we can spend lots of time with him upon his return!!! I set myself a BIG to-do list last night. Almost unachievable, but I just about managed to get everything done before rolling into bed at midnight! I had actually achieved everything by 11.30pm, but then I stopped and looked around and realised that my husband wasn't here... the place was a tip! It reminded me again how much he literally walks around clearing up my mess... oops...

Project Bathroom Makeover begins today with a vengeance!
I measured everything up last night and scoured the internet for the best deals!

Did a load of washing

Did my Tesco shop online... I shop for a month at a time
so it dents the old bank account at the start of the month! 
I had to have a movie on in the background... I love this film... Frank is my fave -
don't you just LOVE him?! I was chuckling away to myself at his "woddeeng kek". Genius.
So that was my thrilling and exciting evening. I'll update you on my success/failure (hopefully the former!) with Project Bathroom Makeover tomorrow!


  1. I'm curious! With your shopping do you just do one huge order and then go shopping weekly to pick up milk, bread etc? Sounds like it would save time. I do an order every week but getting it over once a month sounds great!

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Yup, I do a massive monthly order... which basically has all my meat, cleaning products, dry goods and larder stuff in it. We have a greengrocer friend who delivers me fruit and veg every weekend and then we top up on milk, cheese and bread as necessary...
    Last couple of months, I've been so busy my meal planner/monthly shop has gone to pot and when I was working out summaries on our finances, our food bill had gone up nearly £100 in those months! Makes a big difference to set aside a bit of time to plan my meals, then buy EXACTLY what I need and do it all at once!!!
    Hope that's helpful!
    Claire x

  3. Brilliant, thanks! I'll definitely give it a try. :)


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