Thursday, 13 September 2012

So VERY VERY cute!

OK... I need to start this post by saying I am not receiving anything for this post, I have never met these people in my life and I have no personal interest in this business whatsoever. The reason I need to say this is because I am going to ABSOLUTELY RAVE about a company from Northern Ireland I just discovered this morning (thanks Caroline!)

For the past half an hour I have drooled (almost literally) over their Facebook page at all the pretty, oh so very pretty, lovely, wonderful things "Bitty Button" are creating... you HAVE to check them out! This Saturday, they are opening a shop in Portadown, and already I'm counting down the days to my trip there next summer so I can go visit this cute little shop and spend an absolute fortune and steal some wonderful ideas and have a go myself!

Just look at these lovely, lovely things! (All photos property of Bitty Button)

This was my original inspiration... my friend Caroline received this as a gift for her baby girl - how cute!!!

I love this... I have to admit, I have been the recipient of some incredible teacher presents... and some slightly more interesting ones... this is so simple - a bookmark and a teabag. BUT SO CUTE!
Felt and buttons... my favourite combo!
Love these brooches, and the message that comes with them!
What I think is MOST exciting about this company is their creativity, the fact that they aren't scared of colour (which I love) and the fact that actually, a lot of this stuff, wouldn't be so very impossible to have a go at yourself...

My creative juices are flowing... time to go make something, methinks!

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  1. Hi Claire
    Have seen their stuff for couple of years at Christian women conferences here. Lovely stuff. x


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