Friday, 4 January 2013

The potty diaries...

Everyone I've seen over the past couple of days has been asking me how "the potty training's going?" so I felt I'd better give an update on the latest developments in the potty department!

I am not doing it by the book... I feel the need to say that now. If you want to get it to work in a short space of time, you literally have to cancel all appointments and be housebound... (this guy has some great tips here!) I haven't been able to do that (/been willing to do that!), and since Ava is still so young, I'm seeing what we're doing as a kind of "try it out" approach as opposed to a "we must master this" approach. In other words, I'm doing it whenever we're at home, but the nappy is going back on for naps and trips out.

We started Wednesday at 7am... by 8.30am, we had had 3 successful potty trips and 2 wet accidents. That's when it hit me what a big deal this was. I had visions of me literally changing her 20 times that day, but just when the lid of despair was about to shut down, she suddenly seemed to "get" it. From 8.30am, we had no more accidents. She told me clearly when she needed a number 2 but seems, as yet, to be unable to give me advance warning on the wee department. I guess it must be harder to distinguish. The day continued with me asking her every 15 minutes if she needed to go "aufs Toepfchen" (on the potty) and it seemed to be a roaring success! Nappy on for afternoon nap at 1pm (clean and dry knickers for 4 and a half hours!) and that's when it went to pot...

Post nap, it seemed she had unlearned everything she had learnt in the morning!! I had had to pop out to help out a friend, and so Dave was on duty, and I think the combo of post-nap, a different adult and a different language probably threw everything to the wind. In Dave's words "she wet herself the only three times she's been off the potty this afternoon!".

Yesterday, we lost the nappy for a little while in the morning and had a successful potty trip, but I was insistent that I wasn't going to attempt IKEA with a potty in tow, so the nappy has been firmly on for most of the day. Today, we will start the fun over again.

At this stage, my aim is that Ava learns to recognize when she needs to go. She's had that nailed for a while in one department, but is finding the other a little more difficult to master. She pretty much wee's every time she sits on the potty, so clearly understands what its for and how to do it, but hasn't figured out how to hold it so she has time to tell me yet!

Oh the joys!

We will persevere however and will keep you posted!

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