Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A quiet start...

We have had a very quiet start to Heidi's little life. The whole fam (including Ava) seems to be coming down with some nasty sick bug, so Heidi and I are safely quarantined away in the hospital while they recover... Ava has yet to meet her baby sister.

It's not been the start we envisioned perhaps, but it has, in some ways, been a disguised blessing, as Heidi and I enjoy one2one time together and my body has a chance to heal... We will have "meet the family" celebrations as soon as possible, and are hopeful that Ava might be well enough today to finally meet the baby she has looked so much forward to!

I am regaining strength and was up on my feet yesterday which felt amazing, given that when I went to sleep on Monday night I still couldn't feel my legs!

Here's another pic of our gorgeous little bundle (I'll put the proper camera shots up as soon as we are home - apologies for the quality... It's just from my mobile!)...

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